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Temporary Garages

Temporary GaragesDonít let the name fool you. A temporary garage is a stable structure that is used like an ordinary garage. A temporary garage is another name for a portable garage, and a temporary garage building is used for all of the same purposes Ė whether you need more storage space, a work shed, or a place to keep your car or seasonal vehicle. Although it has the same purposes as a brick-and-mortar garage, temporary garage designs can be expanded if you ever need more space. Kits for expanding or adding side walls and doors can be purchased through any temporary garage dealer and installed to expand the structure or to fully enclose it.

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What, exactly, makes this structure temporary? A temporary garage isnít a permanent structure. As mentioned before, the side and design can be expanded but other temporary aspects of this outdoor structure include that it can be moved to a variety of locations. Put a temporary garage at the top of your driveway, backyard, or front yard and, if you become dissatisfied with the location at some point, the shelter can be moved. If you need to transport the structure, itís able to be taken apart, transported to a different location, and set up again.

A temporary garage, however, isnít a weak structure and, when in place, it can protect an object for several months to several years. In terms of design, a temporary garage is made of a galvanized steel frame with a roof or either metal or steel. This design is not only made to be stable but also to protect the investments and withstand the elements. The polyethylene canopy is a heavy-duty fabric treated to be waterproof, tear proof, and UV and rot resistant and, outside, can withstand high winds and heavy amounts of snow. Some designs, particularly a temporary garage with a rounded roof, are designed specifically for harsh weather and, in colder climates with higher-than-average snowfalls, a rounded roof temporary garage is recommended.

Aside from protecting a car, a temporary garage has a number of uses. Temporary garages can shelter seasonal vehicles for several months at a time and they can be a work or storage area Ė much like an ordinary garage.


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