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RV SheltersCall it a large portable garage or an RV shelter, but these canopy structures can protect vehicles of various sizes for several months at a time. In terms of covering an RV, RV shelters are needed all over to protect a vehicle when not in use for several months. As an RV is a considerable investment, the vehicle needs to last for several years and, instead of simply leaving it outside, covering it is an option to keep it in shape. Exposure to the elements can cause the paint to fade and surface to crack, among other things, and using an RV shelter keeps the vehicle protected. Aside from providing a cover, RV shelters allow for air circulation. Ordinary portable garages can be modified into RV shelters by adding walls and zipper doors for full coverage.

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RV shelters protect in the same way as many canopy shelters do, by providing a combination of physical protection, air circulation, and protective properties like UV resistance. In terms of structure, all RV shelters are made of a galvanized steel frame and a polyethylene canopy. The polyethylene canopy is treated to be UV and rot resistant and waterproof, and the fabric itself is heavy duty and rip and tear resistant. The polyethylene allows for some air to circulate inside the shelter, and, as a result, RV shelters are equipped to prevent mold from forming on the surface of the vehicle. With all properties combined, RV shelters prevent the surface from cracking or fading and also prevent mildew or dry rot from forming while in storage.

RV shelters come in two types of shapes typical of portable garages: a peaked roof shelter and a rounded roof shelter. While both are ideal for protecting an RV, rounded roof RV shelters are ideal for areas of the country that get more than average amounts of rain or snow, as this construction allows the precipitation to roll off the surface. If you’re looking for RV shelters in Seattle, Washington or Oregon, or any location that experiences large amounts of rain, then rounded roof RV shelters will provide better protection for your vehicle. If you’re located in warmer parts of the country, peaked roof RV shelters will be sufficient, but additional walls and zipper doors will need to be purchased to fully enclose the RV. Both types of RV shelters will need occasional maintenance while the RV is in storage, however, and this includes making sure the canopy doesn’t have any rips or tears and that no small animals have gone into the shelter.


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