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Your source for truck canopy covers, instant shelters, party tents, boat covers, car garages, garage kits, carport canopies, portable shelters, portable garages,canopy carports, car covers, portable buildings and motorcycle covers. Discounted Instant storage buildings with Galvanized steel frames ensure true All-Weather protection from sun, wind, rain, ice and snow. Ultimate storage & protection for Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, RV's, Campers, Lawn or Farm Equipment , Livestock and Many more uses ! Basic units are always in stock and ready to ship in 24-48 hours !

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10x10 Alumi-Max Pop-up Canopy Product Details
10x10 Value-Line Canopy Product Details

10'Wx10'Lx9'H Commercial Canopy Product Details
10'Wx20'Lx9'H Commercial Canopy Product Details

10'Wx30'Lx9'H Commercial Canopy Product Details
12'Wx12'Lx10'8 Product Details

12'Wx20'Lx9'6 Product Details
12'Wx26'Lx9'6"H Value-line Canopy Product Details

12'Wx30'Lx9'6"H Value-line Canopy Product Details
12'Wx20'Lx13.5'H RV Truck Commercial Canopy Product Details

12'Wx30'Lx13.5'H RV Truck Commercial Canopy Product Details
12'Wx40'Lx13.5'H RV Truck Commercial Canopy Product Details

12'Wx50'Lx13.5'H RV Truck Commercial Canopy Product Details
12'Wx60'Lx13.5'H RV Truck Commercial Canopy Product Details

12'Wx70'Lx13.5'H RV Truck Commercial Canopy Product Details
14'Wx20'Lx10.5'H Commercial Canopy Product Details

14'Wx30'Lx10.5'H Commercial Canopy Product Details
14'Wx40'Lx10.5'H Commercial Canopy Product Details

14'Wx14'H Tall Commercial Canopies Product Details
18'Wx20'Lx11'H Value-line Canopy Product Details

18'Wx30'Lx11'H Value-line Canopy Product Details
18'Wx40'Lx11'H Value-line Canopy Product Details

18'Wx20'Lx11.5'H Commercial Canopy Product Details
18'Wx30'Lx11.5'H Commercial Canopy Product Details

18'Wx40'Lx11.5'H Commercial Canopy Product Details
20'Wx20'Lx11'H Decorative Canopy Product Details

24'Wx30'Lx11'H Value-line Canopy Product Details
24'Wx40'Lx11'H Value-line Canopy Product Details

24'Wx50'Lx11'H Value-line Canopy Product Details
24'Wx20'Lx13'H Commercial Canopy Product Details

24'Wx30'Lx13'H Commercial Canopy Product Details
24'Wx40'Lx13'H Commercial Canopy Product Details

30'Wx30'Lx13'H Value-line Canopy Product Details
30'Wx40'Lx13'H Value-line Canopy Product Details

30'Wx50'Lx13'H Value-line Canopy Product Details




Affordable party tents and commercial and backyard canopies on sale at low discount prices; Shelters of America offers high quality portable building kits for your all weather needs and ships directly to your door. Our outdoor party tents are great for backyard parties and events with many size options available. Our commercial canopy products provide instant protection for not only the backyard but can be used as show booths, flea market canopies & tents.


Party Tents provide the best in instant protection for any outdoor event. Typical uses include Lawn Parties, Sporting Events, Show Booth, and Impromptu Gatherings. Frame is made from attractive powder coated steel. Unlike other products, no drilling or field cutting is required. Main Cover and Doors are made from long-life UV Resistant Fire Retardant 8oz. Poly with Fabric Backing.

All fabric components feature Heat Welded Seam construction. Walls attach with Velcro fasteners for easily assembly/removal. Unit features attractive framed windows on both sides for maximum light and viewing. Each party tent window features permanent clear panes of plastic. End door contains a pocket for a rigid pole and grommets for securing open during use. Corner flaps hide frame poles when sides are removed. Sidewalls are easily removed for open air exhibits or outdoor events with overhead protection. Units can be positioned end to end or side to side for larger space requirements.





Our commercial canopy kits are great for large and small gatherings with many sizes available with also many multi purpose uses including as car canopies, truck canopy, carports and more.



 Our commercial grade canopies are made with a 1.66" OD 14 Gauge Galvanized Steel Frame

Most competitors use 1" pipe

Not a Lightweight Powder Coated Version ! Great for year round use !

5' Rafter Spacing for extra strength

12.5oz./ 24Mil thick RipStop P.E. All Weather Cover with 15 Year Mfr. Warranty-100 % Waterproof, UV Treated

Top uses Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps instead of bungee cords to attach to frame


All party tent and commercial canopy products are available in many sizes and styles to choose from at Shelters of America your source for all weather temporary and portable garage building products for your home or business. You can shop online or give us a call to day for more information.  



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