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Cars & Trucks
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RV’s & Campers
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Animal Shelters
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Canopies & Carports
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Engineered Truss Buildings
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Anchors And Accessories
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Peak Style Storage Buildings
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Metal Carports
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Portable Garage



Portable Garage Shelters

Uses for Portable GaragesPortable garage shelters are an affordable and durable alternative to expensive outdoor construction projects such as brick, mortar or steel buildings. Flexible, versatile, relatively lightweight and easy to set up and transport portable garage shelters and instant pop up buildings are a great way to provide heavy duty year round protection for a wide variety of products including cars, trucks, boats, heavy machinery and farm supplies. Shelters of America is the #1 authorized dealer of Shelter Logic products and offers both the pre-designed and custom designed portable shelter buildings to handle all your outdoor coverage needs.

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The pre-designed Shelter Logic outdoor shelters include pop-ups, canopies, garages, ports, greenhouses, sheds and kennels. For instant shade and shelter the pre-designed portable shelters are perfect for camping, hunting, going to the beach, picnics and other outdoor events. The pre-designed shelter models are easy to set up, take down and transport so you can spend less time working and more time enjoying the great outdoors. Choose from a great selection of pre-design models including straight leg, slanted leg, open top, truss top, barn style, peak style and round style to custom fit your particular needs.

Our pre-design Shelter Logic models can handle many outdoor situations but sometimes you need a custom design pop up shelter building to match specific needs and projects. These custom shelters are engineered from the ground up with frame designs and materials that are of the highest quality. Our custom design Shelter Logic shelters feature several frame styles including barn, truss, peak, round and square tube. Choose from a great selection of popular outdoor fabric colors including green, gray, tan, white and even translucent. Depending on your pop up shelter needs anchor any custom design with shelter auger anchors, easy hook anchors, cement anchors or wood anchors. Also choose from a wide variety of accessories to customize your instant shelter building including roll-up doors, vents, replacement canopy covers, shelf and hangers and lighting kits.

We specialize in heavy duty portable garage shelters for vehicles and equipment but we also provide terrific pop-up buildings for dog kennels, greenhouses and sheds. Keep your pet, plants and lawn products safe and secure with high quality sheds and shelters that are made to last year round and withstand a variety of foul weather including rain, snow, heavy wind and intense UV sunlight.


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