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Portable Garage



Portable Garage Tent

Portable Garage TentA portable garage tent can be installed on almost any surface anywhere on your property. They are easy to build and are convenient because they can be put up and taken down whenever you need. They are sometimes called instant garages, because they are great for fast storage.

If you do not want to spend thousands on a traditional garage or are having trouble getting the permits needed, a portable garage tent could be your answer. They are great for storing a vehicle, motorcycle, or even boat for the winter. The tent will provide protection from the winter elements, such as snow and sleet. Protect your vehicle or personal items from being ruined with one of our portable garage tents. They can also be used for daily storage of a vehicle to protect your car from the sun the rest of the year.

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Our portable garage tents have triple layered, chemically heat bonded, polyethylene fabric cover that is 100-percent waterproof. This will ensure your vehicle or contents stored in the tent will be protected from water damage. You will have the ease of mind that, in rain or snow, your items will stay dry. The fabric is also UV treated inside and out with anti-fungal agents to protect it from fading and to withstand any type of weather. The frame is made from high grade steel that has a baked-on powder coated finish that prevents chipping, rust, and peeling. The bolt hardware provides easy assembly and makes the structure very strong.

You can use your portable garage tent for vehicles or storage, but you can also use it for shelter during family parties or events. You can place table and chairs inside to have a comfortable sitting area that is out of the sun. It can also provide a dry area in case of a surprise rainstorm. Its portability makes it possible to bring to a family members house or use for a company outing.

Our portable garage tents are very versatile and are great for storing vehicles. Use it for whatever your needs are and know that our tents will provide protection from any weather. We offer many different sizes, models, and colors. Check out our options and decide which portable garage tent is best for you.


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