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CarportCarports are one of the most common ways to cover a vehicle outdoors. As UV and moisture exposure can damage the surface of a vehicle over time, finding a way to protect your car, boat, or RV is important for long-term use. Carports, originally portable structures, are built into homes on occasion, but a portable structure allows you more versatility. Additionally, such structures can be modified over time to be fully enclosed. Before purchasing, installing, or enclosing a carport, however, check with your local zoning laws and ordinances regarding cars and portable structures.

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Two options are available for a portable carport: fully metal and metal and polyethylene. Both structures offer superior, long-term coverage. A fully metal carport is made from a galvanized steel frame and roof, which may be coated with silicon. The structure is sturdy and the natural properties of the steel keep out the moisture and UV rays. Polyethylene and metal structures, on the other hand, are treated to have these properties. Made from a galvanized steel frame and heavy-duty polyethylene canopy, these carport structures will last 15 years, although the canopy portion may need to be replaced after five. Over time, these structures can be modified to include walls and a zipper or roll-up door.

A carport will cover a vehicle outdoors every day, although these structures can have other uses. One, for example, can be used as a boat or RV carport. Equipped with walls and a door, these fully-enclosed shelters can protect a vehicle from moisture and UV rays for several months at a time. Make sure, however, that the carport is large enough for the vehicle – all dimensions and appendages should be taken into account – and for a person to fit inside the shelter. In addition, other investments, such as motorcycles, can be kept under a carport.

Various areas have laws or ordinances concerning carports. These may be as extreme as “no carport shelters in a historic area” to restrictions on the location of one on your property. Before purchasing such a shelter, check with your town first regarding such restrictions. Depending upon the location or local restrictions, the sizes for the carport best for your home may be limited. Or, if no restrictions are placed on portable shelters in your area, you may find that you can choose from small and large carports for your home.


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