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Canopies & Carports
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Engineered Truss Buildings
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Anchors And Accessories
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Build a Carport

Build a CarportBuild a carport with shelters of America's carport kits. All carport design products carried by our company are durable and easy to assemble. You have several choices of carport kits in metal or soft tops. We have many size kits for covering cars, trucks, RV's, boats and more.

Carports will protect your investments from all weather elements. Learn how to build a carport with our easy to follow assembly. Our soft top carports come in two styles a round Quonset hut shaped or the most popular style is the house style. Most people choose the house style carport design for the peak shaped roof style which is best for rain run off. The styles are offered in Heavy Duty and Deluxe.

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The heavy duty carports are made from high quality galvanized steel tubing to prevent rusting from various weather elements. The galvanized steel frame is pre drilled for easy bolt assembly. Twelve ounce industrial grade poly rip stop material and UV protection.

The deluxe carports are made with the same high quality galvanized steel tubing with self tapping screws. Ten ounce industrial grade poly rip stop material, UV protection and skylight. We offer three foot rafter spacing for all deluxe carports.

All soft top carport kits come in several sizes to accommodate one, two, three or four cars. Please ask you sales person the best size to suit your needs.

Our latest product is the Metal carport kit a complete galvanized steel frame and top. They are offered in increments of twelve foot, fourteen foot, eighteen foot, twenty foot, twenty four foot and thirty foot widths.

We have included our versa tube universal installation carport instructions.

All heavy duty, deluxe and metal carport products come in a wide variety of sizes. View our product pages for of colors.

Shelters of America ships all carport products nationwide!!!!!!!!

We guarantee to have the lowest prices, when you buy factory direct. Different sizes for each product assure a match for what you are looking for. You can order directly online, saving yourself time. All products we carry are made with high quality galvanized steel, and most ship within 24-48 hours.


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